Veit Braun

Veit studied political science, sociology and environmental studies in Vienna and Munich. He wrote his PhD thesis in sociology on the role of property and its recent crises in plant breeding. In CRYOSOCIETIES, Veit investigates how the possibilities of freezing endangered animal species change the landscape of biodiversity conservation in Subproject 3: Protecting Biodiversity, Resisting Extinction. His research interests range from ecology to economic theory and concepts to museums and their collections.

Main publications

Braun, V. (forthcoming). From commodity to asset and back again. Value in the capitalism of varieties. In K. Birch & F. Muniesa (eds.), Turning Things into Assets. Boston, MA: MIT Press.

Braun, V. (2019). Patentierung. Die Pflanze als geistiges Eigentum. In J. Weiss & K. Meyer (eds.), Pflanzen. Über die Natur des Menschen. Dresden: Stiftung Deutsches Hygiene-Museum

Braun, V., & Gill, B. (2018). Lost in Translation. Biofakte auf dem Weg vom Labor ins Patentamt. In B. Gill, K. Zachmann, & F. Torma (eds.), Mit Biofakten leben. Sprache und Materialität von Pflanzen und Lebensmitteln (pp. 129–154). Baden-Baden: Nomos.

The Multispecies Editing Collective (eds.). (2017). Troubling Species: Care and Belonging in a Relational World. Munich: Rachel Carson Center.

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