Presentation of the ERC research project “Suspended Life: Exploring Cryopreservation Practices in Contemporary Societies” (CRYOSOCIETIES)

PEG 1.G107, Campus Westend, University of Frankfurt:

The project team (Thomas Lemke, Veit Braun, Sara Lafuente) will present some ideas and central theses from the CRYOSOCIETIES project. The project proposes to investigate the collection, storage and usage of human and non-human organic material by technologies of cooling and freezing, what are known as cryotechnologies. The talk will introduce the three case studies — cord blood banking with the promise to store vitality and ensure health, oocyte freezing to extend fertility and rearrange reproductive futures and the reproduction of whole species in so-called frozen zoos — as well as the conceptual framework of the project, highlighting the significance of cryopreservation for contemporary societies.